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Kerge tekk Fresh

Fresh Kerge tekk
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Fresh Kerge tekk Fresh Kerge tekk
Kerge tekk Fresh

SKU: 99-1000070448

Perfectly light, soft and airy duvet with 150gsm Memo Elastic fibre / Wellsleep® filling. Unique molecular spring structure adapts to your body and provides a gentle touch. Made of 100% cotton, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic to create the best sleeping environment possible.

Kerge tekk Fresh

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The Perfect Cover for Cool Summer Sleep

If you’re looking for the perfect summer duvet or tend to feel hot while you sleep, you’re sure to fall in love with this specially designed piece. Dormeo Fresh Duvet Light combines a unique assortment of top quality fabrics to create an optimally comfortable sleeping environment with multiple benefits for healthy and restful sleep.

Natural 100% Cotton is Free of Chemicals

The duvet cover is made of 100% cotton whose characteristics of strength and durability are matched only by its excellent breathability and a supply soft natural feel. We’ve opted for off-white fabric to ensure:

  • A natural fabric colour.
  • No chemical use in bleaching.
  • Ecologically friendly fabric.
  • Easier care.

Memo Elastic Fibres Keep You Well Tucked In

NEW spring-like molecular structure Memo Elastic Fibres have been added to the filling to create a soft, light and airy touch that combines luxurious support with high resilience. What is more, a gentle rebound that returns to its original shape means you’ll always be ‘well tucked in’ as Dormeo Fresh Duvet:

  • Is softer to the touch.
  • Adapts to the unique contours of your body.
  • Returns to its natural shape (after squeezing, touching).
  • Remains responsive to your body’s movements.

Exceptional Thermal & Stain Resistance Properties of Wellsleep® Filling

We’ve combined the benefits of Memo Elastic Fibres with versatile Wellsleep® advanced microfibers that boast excellent thermal properties and add extra volume for a soft downy feel. Filling also absorbs minimal moisture to provide an effective natural resistance to stains.

Ideal For Those Who Suffer From Allergies

Silpure® treatment on the duvet’s cover fabric takes advantage of silver’s natural anti-bacterial properties to leave a lasting freshness and cleanliness. Duvet will remain naturally hypoallergenic wash after wash.

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Mõõdud 140x200 cm, 200x200 cm
pestav 60°C

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